Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 47 - 16th February 2012 - Primer, American Revolution and stuff

Woke up too early and the temperature is +1.1. Feels a lot different than it did a couple of mornings ago. A storm warning of some sort for the weekend? Well it is only Thursday and that can change soon enough, although at this point sounds like it will be similiar to last weekend and freezing rain. I would rather have snow, at least I have a better chance of standing upright! It's changed to rain! Here we are over half way through another month, spring is getting closer.

I came home last night to the ceiling all primed and most of the kitchen walls, will soon be able to put the color on. I can't wait to see color! Larry continued with the primer today and just finished it a while ago. I've been deep into the Amercian Revolution and laundry, but Lexi and I took time out for a walk through the woods.

Lexi waits for me on the path.

Fluffy clouds hang over the lake.

Back in the yard I check out things - this photo and the one below show new buds coming on Larry's chestnut trees.

Since it was +7.2 this afternoon, you can believe spring is on the way. We finally built a fire in the furnace at 4pm!

And Larry is finishing up the last wall with primer!

On this day in 1967: Anne Francis (Florence Bird) chairs new Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada; 'to ensure for women equal opportunities with men'; First Canadian commission headed by a woman later made 167 recommendations, including paid maternity leave. Ottawa, Ontario.

Almost time for working folks to go home, Enjoy your evening everyone!

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