Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 211 - 30th July 2014 - Pickerel Weed, Squirrel and Eiders

Wednesday morning, my day off and I was up too early. Nothing I can do about that but push on throughout the day. Dark out, no stars and the birds are still asleep. Will take my coffee out once dawn comes - love the sounds of the Song Sparrows and others bringing up the sun.  Hoping for a few  hours of sunshine this morning so I can take the big bazooka out into the hood. These days it's hard to get the timing down for when it's good and there are a lot of birds around. I like mornings best anyway and it's been a while since I've had a good tramp around. Guess I better spend some time cleaning up around here too by the looks of things.
My frustration level was high yesterday at work, would really like to figure out how to get our profile raised so at least the locals would know who we are after 27 years. Perhaps I should start carrying a very large stick or maybe people are stupid naturally! I know shake your head - I'm on another rant.  Will continue to persevere, sooner or later we have to make headway. Other than that it was a good day. Beginning to shake off the tiredness left from the weekend. Good thing it's only once/year.
 Pickerel Weed - lots of it along the lake this year. Ironically enough we now have Pickerel in the lake, might be the reason I don't see as many frogs these year. They like to wait among the reeds, etc. near the shoreline.
 Other than a few very quick Chickadees, this was all I saw yesterday morning.
 Looks like Steeple Bush, but my wildflower book says that's usually pink.

 A few photos leftover from the weekend.
 Female Eiders were riding the waves.

Enjoy your day!

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