Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 207 - 26th July 2014 - Music - First night in Lockeport

Up at 5 am - oh yeah will be a long day, that's for sure. Fought with  the coffee machine (even after a lesson last night) til the bestie got up and got it going for me. What are friends for after all. Probably thinking - this early and no coffee the girl will be truly ugly. It's a fun weekend when just a bunch of girls get together for lots of laughs and bonding. Maybe it's like when men go to the hunting camp.  Will check the tide tables  and in a little bit  - when I see some daylight, I'll head down to the beach and see if there are any shore birds lurking around that I can practice my new lens on. Promises to be another busy day - lots of new and old voices to hear. Jully Black is the headliner this evening which should be awesome. But you know I enjoy hearing some of the up and coming artists from year to year and how they've improved and become stronger in their craft. We have some great local talent.
Had a great day. Took a quick jaunt around the hood with the new lens then finished getting ready. Denna picked me up around 11:30 and we headed off to meet Sherri, load her vehicle and then we were down to Lockeport. We got things situated in the camper, chairs out etc. Some refreshments after our hard work and spend some time and money at the Lockeport Market held every Friday. Lots of great stuff there so if you are in the area check it out. The rest of our group gradually arrived, then it was ready to head to the music and see who was playing. Fabulous evening with some voices we've heard before and some that were new. I didn't hear the last few - too late for me.

 Male and Female Common Yellow throat Warbler.

Early evening side stage - Mother Pluckers.

And Belly Dancers too!

Christine Campbell returned for another year belting out the tunes.
Irish Mythem is a favourite with a fabulous voice and stage presence.

 Kim Harris.
Jessie Brown and the Black Divine.

Enjoy your day!

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