Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 184 - 3rd July 2014 - Iris', Squirrel and Birds

Back to work, going to be a long day. The Pearl Mist Cruise Ship is due in to Shelburne this morning. Should liven the town up for the day. I'm off to work early, will leave the summer student at the centre and I'll set up and try to sell some of our books on the waterfront. Fingers crossed the weather holds, suppose to be a few showers early this morning then clearing.
Wednesday was nice but oh so humid. Very windy and balmy like a tropical storm.  Hard to find birds in all those leaves that were blowing around on the branches. I don't mind he heat so much can't stand that high humidity. So Lexi and I just hung out, doing as little as possible and roaming the hood. Stopped, had tea and caught up with Lois' on her deck in the afternoon.  I thought it would be better to enjoy some fine weather and leave the housework til Saturday during the hurricane.  Really what else will there be to do!
 The water has risen and the Iris is knee deep.
 They are all over the place!
I peeked through the bushes and they were napping on the dock.
 A Common Yellowthroat was hiding in the trees.
 Handsome Song Sparrow.
 Think this is the female Palm Warbler I saw the other day.
Pretty in pink!

Enjoy your day!

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