Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 194 - 13th July 2014 - Arctic Terns, Song Sparrow and Black Skimmer

Looks like another great day coming up - Road Trip - with a short boat trip. Off birding again today. We are heading out to the Light off of Cape Sable Island, most of the group from yesterday is going with a few others - Larry included. Super excited since we've not been there before and hopefully we should so a few new birds. Then to show the girls around Hemeon's Head. Weather is looking pretty good today! Must get my coffee, breakfast and prepare for take off! This is how weekends should be lived if every day life didn't interfere so much.
Had a fantabulous Saturday! The weather couldn't have been better, sun, light breeze but not a wind on the beaches, perfect day for birding. It was great to finally meet everyone in person - 5 of us women who have met through the NS Bird Society Facebook page.  Lou-Ann and Donna met me at the Tim's in Shelburne then we headed to Barrington to meet Cal and Laurel. What fun we had, off to Baccaro and Crows Neck beach where we found tons of Terns and a few young as well as 10 adult piping plovers and 4 little ones. We headed back to Cape Sable Island, a stop at Daniel's Head Beach and then to the Hawk Beach. I think the laughter was as good as the birding and after a week with the aftermath of Hurricane Arthur it was just what was needed.
 When Lou Anne starting phishing, this Song Sparrow just begged to have his photo taken.
 I didn't notice til last evening that this Piping Plover had been banded.

 The Arctic Terns.
 They go through such cool actions.
 Young Arctic Terns.
 They were playing in the Sandcastle someone was trying to build earlier.
 Another lifer - Black Skimmer.
He's pretty small next to those gulls.

Enjoy your day!

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