Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 209 - 28th July 2014 - Willets and Music - The Weekend is Over

Had a great sleep, but really could have, should have gotten a few more hours. Oh well today I will float through the day on automatic pilot.  By tomorrow I'll will have sprung back. Oh the days of youth when you could go night after night without sleep and still function in the morning. Not any more! Looks like we've got some rain coming for today. Things are looking dry so I guess we can use some.
It was a fantabulous (my word for better than fantastic or fabulous) weekend with great old friends and new friends we made. Lots of laughs and more good music on Sunday. I hit the beach first thing in the morning, saw some Willets but not a lot else, didn't hang long, the dog walkers were beginning to appear. We had breakfast at the Legion, then back to the camper to start putting things away and tearing down. Doesn't take long to do clean up. We closed the festival around 3 pm, by that time it was only Sherri and I left, most of the rest of our gang had dispersed earlier one at a time.  Time for us to go too. Thanks girls for the memories, plans have begun for next year. By the time I got home I was close to feeling like a zombie.So tired.
 Willets. The new lens is working out well.

 Another gorgeous morning.

 Playing with the new lens, sometimes you can have fun with things on the beach.

 Belly Dancing was popular this year.

In the afternoon we got to enjoy the songs and talents of the younger ladies who spent a good portion of the weekend in a workshop on song writing. Some we heard last year and wow what a difference from one year to the next. Great to see someone help with up and coming artists.

 Jessie Brown and the Black Divine played several times over the weekend - great group.
And one of our favourites - Irish Mythem

Enjoy your day!

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