Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 208 - 27th July 2014 - Birds and Musicians - Day 2 in Lockport

Slept in a little longer this morning, but can hear all the birds singing and the sun is rising in Lockeport - another good day ahead. Have had my coffee now time to throw on some clothes and head to beach in search of a few shore birds with the new lens. Another breakfast at the Legion then a few more musical events and we will close up and head home early this afternoon for another year. It`s been a great time.
Another fabulous day in Lockeport! Rah! Weather was perfect - beautiful, sunny with just a spot of breeze but boy did it cool off come evening. Lots of good music, great performances and birds on the beach in the morning.  After I enjoyed an early morning walk on the beach, I headed back to the camper and got most of the rest of the girls up - oh they are a slow bunch early in the morning but in all fairness I do go to bed earlier than the rest. We had a great breakfast at the Legion and then I started off to take photos of some of the various events going on throughout the festival. Took a little break in the afternoon and just chilled in the afternoon back at the camper. Then an evening of more music. The headliner Jully Black didn't disappointed - what a stage presence!
 What an awesome sunrise yesterday morning!
 Dowitchers in flight.
 The Secrets - band from Newfoundland. Great voices.
 Irish Mythem, singing us a tune or two.
 Jully Black - fabulous voice and performer.
I'm really not sure how anyone could spend the evening in these stilettos.

 Irish, Kat and Erin did the tribute to Tina Turner last evening, some of her early work and later songs.
Enjoy your day!

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