Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 205 - 24th July 2014 - Parula, Black and White Warbler, Phlox and Ducks

Up at 4 am with a hip that is throbbing - what have I done to that - hoping it is just the way I was sleeping and will work itself out as the day moves on. Right now no matter how I lay/move/sit it hurts. Trying an ice pack, that may  ease it. I don't have time for this and I need to be in top form for the weekend. Anyway it's gong to be a very long day. Lots to do at work as I'm taking Friday off this week. Short weeks usually mean more to do. On the weekend I will try to get some nice "scenery" shots for those that are getting tired of the birds - yes I know there are more than one of you!
Another beautiful day in the hood, warm, sunny with a gently breeze. I took the new lens out for a run this morning to try it out. Going to take some practice and maybe some weightlifting (it's a lot heavier than my other lens) to get used to it.  But I'm sure in a week I'll have it under control, or at least I hope so.  Got my clothes pretty well packed, camera gear almost put together and overall just about ready for the weekend.  Lois and I went for a swim in the lake - it was refreshing.  I even broke down the other day and bought a new bathing suit top. Still wearing shorts but after not swimming for many years I don't want to rush right out for the full gear all at once.
 Northern Parula hiding behind some limbs. Doesn't matter what kind of a lens you have it won't take pics through branches and leaves!
 Black and White Warbler was hunting for breakfast.
 It was a good morning for reflections on the lake, and I like this tree that grows and hangs in the water.
 A little whimsical.
 Fungi are emerging everywhere these days.
 I walked out to the point and there are still a couple of Song Sparrows hanging out there.
 Batman and Robin look like they're in jail, but are actually hanging out on the deck.
 My Phlox hedge is beginning to bloom.
And the Astilbe.
These there are hanging around together quite regularly.

Enjoy your day!

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