Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 183 - 2nd July 2014 - Warblers, Robin and Chickadee

Another day home for me as it's my regular day off - more stalking the hood, which is kind of my favourite past time. If I don't do much housework, I won't feel guilty - looks like Saturday the weather will be good for that. First Hurricane - Arthur of the season is going to be working his way in this direction, probably will end up to be a tropical storm when it reaches here but lots of rain is forecast right now for Saturday.
Hopefully everyone had a great Canada Day, we are so lucky to live in the country we do and especially our province.  It was a great morning in the hood. I've come to the conclusion that the local birds this year are rather lazy and sleep in and that's why I can't find many on my early walk. I didn't leave Tuesday until after 8 am and they were busy gathering breakfast. A few things done around the house then after lunch we went to Lockeport to watch the parade in the afternoon with friends. Nice parade and outing. We had beet greens and swiss chard from the garden for the first time with supper last night. Boy were they good!
 Finally I snagged the Chestnut-Sided Warbler, actually there were a pair of them. Nesting I hope.

 Song Sparrows are frequently around.
 Mom Spotted Sandpiper distracting me once again. She's moved the chicks, but never seems to find a nice quiet spot - she's always near the road or a walk way.
Female Palm Warbler was catching breakfast too.


Been a while since I've seen the Black and White Warbler.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Well now I did see a black and white warbler at the park yesterday. It was a quiet weekend, I had to stay at the campground "protective custody" lol