Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 197- 16th July 2014 - Rain drops, Lilies and Hosta Flowers

Not a great start to my day off - up at 4:30 am, not exactly what I had planned but my eyes popped open and that was that. I spent the night dreaming and didn't sleep will, might have had something to do with the ice cream I ate last evening before going to bed. Might as well get over it and move on with the day.  Since it looks like rain most of the day but not a lot, guess I'm going to be doing some housework. Also need to make some cherry balls for Justin before he goes back. Lexi and I will probably roaming the hood - rain never stops us just how far and long we go. Weekend weather looks good for Founder's Day.
The humidity has returned again. I don't mind the heat but really dislike the feel of that close - stickiness.  Had a good day at work - a few things finished off and a few American researchers spent the afternoon. I'm definitely seeing more USA vehicles in the area this summer so hopefully the local economy is being perked up by their visits.  My nephew Justin and his girlfriend Joslin took me to lunch at the Beandock, nice to have a little more time with the kids before the go back. To finish off the afternoon I got stung by a hornet, glad I'm not allergic - that sucker hurt!
 Rain drops where hanging off all the branches.
 I like the shape and texture of the grasses by the lake.

 Wish I could catch these Asiatic Lilies on a fine day.
 The Daphne bush has berries. Since the birds haven't been into them, I 'm guessing they aren't good.
My Hostas are flowering.

Enjoy your day!

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