Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 195 - 14th July 2014 - Cape Light - Birds, Sheep and Flowers

Monday has returned and with it the work week.  Guess we really can't appreciate great weekends unless we work for them.  Lots to do at the office this week, Founder's Day weekend coming up so will need to put a few changes to our display that's up. Friday we started rehousing some acquisitions, that job will have to be finished. Exercise class tonight. Looks wet for most of the week.
Another fabulous day, think this has been the best weekend in a long time! Larry & I left home before 7 am to go to the Hawk on Cape Sable Island and meet everyone else. Over to Cape Light via boat we went. Alix played tour guide as he pretty well knows every inch of the Island. What a morning we had - another lifer, although not a great photo - Black Crowned Night Heron, lots of sheep on the island, shore birds were beginning to really get moving - Willets, Wimbrels, Sandpipers, Semi-Palmated Plovers. Of course there were Ducks, Gulls (including Laughing) and an odd Gannet that flew by. We roamed the Island for 3 hours and then Leslie and the boat returned to pick us up. From there we took Lou-Anne and Donna off to Hemeon's Head, some more shore birds there but not as many. The Laughing Gull was still Laughing at Lou-Anne as he has been all weekend. After that it was time for the girls to go home and us too, we took them out on the highway and bid them good by. A great weekend shared with many new friends.
 The light and one of the cottages on the Island.
 A bad shot of the Black-Crowned Night Heron - can everyone say lens envy!

 The Light.
The Laughing Gull.
 You know I"m a sucker for Iris'
 Savannah Sparrow - lots of these little guys around.
 Island sheep. The lambs are so cute.
Shorebirds flying by with the Light in the background. By this time we were back on Cape Sable Island waiting for the others to be shuttled over in the boat.

Enjoy your day!

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