Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 204 - 23rd July 2014 - Cobwebs, Ducks and Apples

Not a happy camper this morning - up at 4:30 am. Oh I really dislike doing that.  Stars are all out and it's quiet except for an Owl I hear far in the distance. Yes I may be wide awake now, but this afternoon I"ll feel like a slug! Have to get ready for the big Lockeport weekend. Finally it's time for Harmony Bazaar - the weekend we girls get together, have laughs, drinks, eat and I photograph the whole festival. Fingers crossed for good weather. But I've got a lot to do today - packed, laundry, cook. And I want to stalk the hood with my new lens - it's going to basically be for birding but I think it'll be awesome. Hoping to catch a few shorebirds on the weekend.
Another good day - lots done and nothing stupid or insane today! Rah! It was fairly quiet at work, not a lot of calls, emails or researchers in person. I guess we can't run every day.  Weather was nice, not to hot, little breeze and the humidity had dropped some. One thing I noticed, it's cooling off at night which I really like. Had a lazy evening - Larry was late getting home from work, dishes done up and that was enough.
Lots of cobwebs around yesterday morning.
 Three ducks were having breakfast on a very foggy lake.
 Not my favourite bird - Mourning Dove, reminds me too much of the pigeons in town.
 New lens - Apples are growing.
 Tent Caterpillars are around.

Enjoy your day!

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