Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 203 - 22nd July 2014 - Dories and Flowers

It's a nice morning out there even if it is still dark - the moon is  bright and has one star hanging below it. Feels clear and crisp, sadly daylight doesn't come as early as it did a month ago - summer is drifting by quickly. I could hear a loon out in the lake and a song sparrow in the distance. Love the sounds of summer. Another day at work and I need to get lots done since I'm taking Friday off as well. My summer student is making great headway clearing up our acquisitions that have come in over the last year. Today I'm hoping to finish off a couple of research projects for people.
I think I'll start calling Monday's - "Monday Madness" - it was rather a crazy day - some of my own making but not all. I  got ready for people and then got a little ticked because they hadn't showed up in the afternoon only to realize that they weren't coming til the 10th August which I had actually put on the calender. Oh well maybe it's a sign of age or my brain trying to go in too many directions. While I was waiting to go home with Nancy I grabbed a few photos on the waterfront and crept into the garden of the Cooper's Inn. If you get a chance stop - in my defense there is a sign that says Open Garden. I was quiet and tried to be unobtrusive as there were several guests enjoying some refreshments while they read. They do have some lovely Asiatic Lilies and other flowers. Exercise class last night, then I collapsed until it was time for bed.
 A wide assortment of boats in the harbour.
 Something new - a Pirate Dory!

 An assortment of beautiful flowers at the Cooper's Inn.

I love this one but have no idea what it's called.

Enjoy your day!

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