Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 186 - 191 - 5th - 10th July 2014 - Storm Arthur and Aftermath

Well it feels like forever since I last posted so I’ll give you the highlights of “Post Tropical Storm Arthur”. I finally have power, phone and internet! 
Day 1 - Saturday – Storm day – Up at 6 am, put on the kettle, head outside to see what’s happening – wow that wind is strong! Back in for my coffee and the power is out, kettle is still cold – drat! Time to get out the butane burner, hook it up and get the coffee rolling.  Wind is really strong, already the neighbour has 4-5 trees down in their driveway and one that almost hit their house. Larry goes off to lend his assistance in cleaning things up.  Before noon - this isn’t so bad the wind is dying out and looks like the sun will shine, still no power.  Checked out the hood – a few trees here and there but doesn't look too bad. Oh I spoke too soon – the wind is back in another direction, sun is gone, some rain and more trees are falling! We actually were quite fortunate – no major trees in our yard, just lots of leaves. The front of the house looked like it was dressed in camouflage. Still no power.  Afternoon storm entertainment – let’s switch bedrooms. Maybe not the greatest idea since our bedroom doesn't have good natural light but away we went – moved 3 beds (our queen and the two twin size from the spare room), 4 dressers, 1 wardrobe and 1 vanity. Now hopefully the front room is cooler and I will be happier. Larry’s idea was to just switch the beds around – fooled him.  Now in hindsight maybe this wasn't so smart – getting hot and dirty with no power and can’t bath but at the time we didn't know how long it would really be. I headed to bed when the light left and read with a lamp for a bit.

Day 2 – Sunday – The following day – Well that second wave of wind really made a difference yesterday – lot of trees on lines, etc. The hood looks like  a war zone and up the road just as bad if not worse.  Still no power. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. The butane burner was a great investment a few years ago. Sunday morning our landline and cell phones are dead. Big problem now – no fire department paging system either.  Aliant will come to charge the box up the road.  So maybe our power will be out for a few days, need to think about the freezer and fridge. We move the meat from the freezer up the road where they have a generator that will run both their freezer and fridge. Time to see if we can get the small generator of ours going to run the fridge. So it’s going but not happily, off to town for gas. Saw the Laughing Gulls in town that appeared from the storm, wish I could have gotten around to see what else arrived. Scallops, Swiss chard and beet greens for supper – living high on the hog as they say. Still no power. Larry has lugged some water upstairs for washing up and flushing. I decide to heat up a pot of water and add it to the 15L of well water I’ve dumped in the tub.  I suffered it out – Larry whined and accused me of trying to give him a stroke. Another early night – down with the sun we go.

Day 3 – Monday – Off to work, plan is that I will return at noon with Larry when he comes home with more gas for the generator and then I can keep it going all afternoon, evening til he gets home from work.  Never thought there wouldn’t be any power at my work – after all it is the Town building. I hang around and wait for Larry, check emails etc from a friend’s laptop. Of course the generator doesn’t want to work when we get home – spark plug is no good. Changed, good to go, Larry heads back to work.  What to cook for supper umm…. Pasta with tomato sauce, fresh basil and grated cheese on top. Things are still going well. Cell phones are back, still no land line – where is Aliant ? They’ve dropped the ball, lied through their teeth and still haven’t showed up. Still no power. Another early night. The humidity has returned, it’s hot and I’m not sleeping well without my fan.

Day 4 – Tuesday – Camping in the house is beginning to wear thin.  Off to work we go. Still no power there but I grab a bath at Mom and Dad’s and toss in a load of laundry.  Back home I go. Still no power or land line. Lexi and I roam a bit, do a few things around the house and keep the generator going.  The heat is bad; finally I give up, throw on a tank and shorts and head to Lois’ – ok girl time to go swimming! She’s always after me, but I haven’t been swimming in years and don’t own a bathing suit anymore. The lake felt good and refreshing. Finally Aliant shows up but not before he gets lost. By supper time we have land lines again! The power trucks are in the area too, wohoo – finally some action. They cut trees and branches off of lines and then head off again. Surely we will have power when we wake up. Supper – pork chops, swiss chard from the garden, and corn from the freezer – all good.  Dorothy calls from Freeport, Digby Co., their power has been restored and she’s checking to see if I’m still alive. Yup but getting cranky. Larry too is tired of lugging water from the well after working long days. He bathed in the lake after supper – still complaining about cold water. Another early night, the trucks go back down the road. Still no power.

Day 5 – Wednesday – I am tired of getting up in the morning and listening to that damn generator drowning out the sounds of the birds. Yes I know I should be grateful, but this morning I don’t feel terribly healthy either. A rather sleepless night, hot and Lexi fussed and barked most of  Tuesday night. Come to find out, it seems a bear wandered through, Larry saw signs of it when he was out with Lexi in the morning.  Off to work. Back home after lunch, still no power. So it finally came back around 1:30 and it was time to spend the afternoon clearing up the aftermath. Got the pump primed and going, some stuff from the freezer put in buckets to toss out in the composter, laundry caught up, water jugs filled and returned under the counter,  etc.  Larry helped me finish  cleaning the bottom of the freezer – I’m too short and the last time I tried to lean too far into a freezer, I cracked ribs. It’s been a long hitch, the 5 days feels like 10 days. An early night  but after a hot bath and my fan went back in the window! 
Just a few photos this morning, didn't take a lot during the storm.
 The Yellow Bellied Sapsucker was at one of our apple trees in the middle of the storm.
 Just a few of the fallen trees in the hood that landed on lines.

 Love those little Northern Parulas.
 Laughing Gulls hanging out at the Irving Garage in town.

An immature one I think.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Well isn't it just lovely that YOU have still none for me. I got really excited as i stepped down fro mthe camper this morning and seen two Emera trucks going down the Branch Road....then realized neither of them had any replcement pole looks like I am poop out of luck, My patience is running thin an frequent trips to the gas station for fuel for the generrator are getting old. Then you have to lug the whole way around the property because you cant get in the driveway. kasey is so confused having to be on a leash in her own yard(live pwoer lines) It amazes me at how many people drove down to the house to look around..."people the wires are live" ughh like talking to the walls. Anyway I am trying to stay optimistic but doubt we will power anytime soon.....the joy of living down a glorified cow path not much can be done and I do understand priorities. The laughing gulls that were hanging out in Jordan were near the river but acted very bewildered not sure if they wanted to take the intersection to Lockeport or the lake john Road :) Anyway heres to a productive day...I am at work physically and that is as good as it gets today and then home to gas up the beast again