Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 200 - 19th July 2014 - Hermit Thrush, Bees and Delphiniums

Another beautiful day coming up on the horizon. Nice now - clear and crisp in the morning which breaks to a sunny warm day. I guess I'll haunt the hood this morning, Larry's going to work in the woodpile - we are way behind in this chore. Supper time we are off to town to a Barbecue with friends - I'll throw together a chicken and pasta salad I think to take and we'll do our grocery shopping after. Hate to make 2 trips to town - we'll never get anything done at home if we do. Parade of Lights are tonight - I just might be able to stay up late enough to catch those but who knows!
Finally the sun came out yesterday and made for a great day! I buzzed around the office for a few hours and then packed up some books, etc and headed to the waterfront. Set up my table in the front of the Beandock again to sell my wares. It was a nice breeze on the waterfront making the heat from the sun much more comfortable. The humidity has dropped - what a difference. I had a successful day, sold some of our things, did cash a few time and took a few orders for the girls inside when they were busy. Ordered a pizza from the pizza shop for supper - too hungry and tired to cook supper and had a lazy evening. I hit bed early - was too tired to go back to town for the Fireworks, but I hear they were awesome.
 Much nicer morning over the lake than it has been all week.
 One of my favourites - the Hermit Thrush popped out to my pishing and let me take a number of shot of him.
 I don't even remember who's yard I was creeping this morning!
 Nice to see some Bees around again.
 Lois' new Delphinium - love the blue.
And she got a new Bee-Balm as well.

Enjoy your day!

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