Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 206 - 25th July 2014 - Grasses, Butterflies and Blue Jays

Up just before 5 am and feeling fine. Everything is working the way it should - rah! and I'm rested. I gave in and went to bed at 8pm last night. After two very early mornings I was zapped. So a few things to finish off this morning - potato pancakes being one that we'll have with a bit of smoked salmon and cream cheese this evening or tomorrow evening. Sounds good. Finish packing, get the rest of my camera gear together and my laptop and then I'm ready to fly on out of here - well drive actually. We'll head down around lunch time. Lockeport has their Market on Friday afternoons and I enjoy checking that out - always some neat things. Am super excited to take photos and hear all the musicians and especially headliner Jully Black, Saturday night.
The 4 am morning and the Sciatica that wouldn't settled down, really wore me out yesterday. By 6 pm I was wanting to go to bed so badly, but held off for fear I'd get up even earlier. On a better note my hip had settle down about 85% by supper time. The best thing  I can is walk and stretch it out.
 A hazy morning.
 I do like all the unusual grasses that grow around the shore line.
 Sometimes you can be too close. Chickadee on the wire.
 Lady's Nodding Tresses.
 Lots of pretty butterflies around.
Blue Jay.

Enjoy your day!

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