Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 210 - 29th July 2014 - Birds and Flowers

Up early but not too bad, I can live with 5 am. Gradually catching up on my sleep. It's dark now in the mornings, you can definitely tell, the sun doesn't rise as early as it used to and a few stars still hanging out. My favourite thing about summer is the early mornings and catching the sun and that doesn't last near long enough.  Chance of some rain later today, hoping I'll get some sunshine tomorrow so I can take the big lens out in search of Warblers. Would love to have had it Monday morning with me.
Well I made it through Monday - they day went fairly well with no unusual occurrences. All good. Boy did it ever rain in the afternoon - not for long but just a torrential downpour. Then the fog and humidity rolled in. Skipped exercise class last night, wasn't up to that much activity and wanted an early night. Class usually hypes me up so that I'm later going to bed.
 This was so bright and beautiful in a neighbour's yard.
 Lots and lots of Pickerel weed.
 There was a whole group of these Black and White Warblers flitting around yesterday morning. Wish I had had my big lens.

Red eyed Vireo.

Enjoy your day!

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