Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 201 - 21st July 2014 - Reflections, Indian Pipe and a Frog

I'm late and behind this morning - oh well maybe no one will really notice! Hopefully everyone is sleeping in this morning like I did (6 am) .  Looks like another nice day in the making. Larry's heading back in the woodpile this morning and I'll roam the hood and finish off some laundry etc. This afternoon we may take off and go somewhere.
Great day Saturday. I roamed the hood in the morning - not as long as usual, it was too noisy yesterday morning. Not sure why people can't enjoy the sounds and beauty of nature when they are here and not have boom boxes blasting. Just my opinion but I felt sorry for their neighbours who had small kids that were still sleeping. I puttered around the house after that, Larry worked in the woodpile til it got to hot and then cleaned out the truck (without nagging I might add). Went to a BBQ around supper time and spend the evening with friends - had a great time and finished the evening at Sobeys grabbing a few groceries.
 It was a beautiful reflective morning on the lake.

 Someone was having an early paddle - just the kind of watercraft I enjoy.
 Morning light on the ferns - they are lush and green now.
 Another of my Lilies in bloom.
 Indian Pipe has emerged through the forest floor. This one has a visitor.
 Cedar Waxwing - they appear to be curious guys and wondered what I was doing.
Found another frog!

Enjoy your day!

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