Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 192 - 11th July 2014 - Pea Pods, Roses and Baby Ducks

Actually slept well last night and didn't get up at 4:30 am. After all that we've had to deal with this week, it's Friday - not sure anymore if it was a short or long week! Lots to finish up at work today since I've lost 2 days there this week. Nephew is coming to visit this evening and tomorrow morning Larry and I are off birding with a couple of the girls from Hants County. They are coming in our direction, should be fun and hopefully a few rarities from the fallout are still in the area.
Thursday returned to normal or as normal as it gets for me. A productive day at work, sweaty night at exercise class and then a quick whip around the house to try and finish some of the clean up. I say clean up, but this time of year I only work with a lick and a promise in the housework department, would truly rather be roaming the hood. I think the rest in our hood got their power back last night but not sure about way up the road. Hopefully today is the last day and everyone gets their power back. I know we are luckier than many.
 Some very small daisies.
 Tiger lilies are beginning to bloom.
 Peas will soon be ready to eat.
 Dragon flies on the grasses next to the lake.
 My Day lilies will be open in the next few days.
 Mama and babies.
Love rain drops on flowers.

Enjoy your day!

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