Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 82 - 22nd March 2017 - Evening Grosbeak, Red Tail Hawk and Red Breasted Nuthatch

Mostly good news with Lexi yesterday - her counts have come up a lot, she's doing better but will have to be on meds long term. Now to just get those sorted out. My cold seems to be hanging in my head - stuffed upped, sinuses hurt, ears etc. Guess I'll just weather it through. Plus note - turned out really nice on Tuesday - temperature was +9 when we were on our way back home. Saw a couple of Eagles, Turkey Vultures and a Hawk on our travels, needless to say Big B. was home and it's not always easy to get stopped on the highway with traffic behind you. I did manged to go to Trivia last evening, but was glad to get home, take a couple of cold tablets and get a good night's sleep. Need to get back to the photos that go with the database and sort them out. Maybe a little housework, but overall don't think I'm going to overdo myself.
 Evening Grosbeak checking for seeds in the Christmas Tree.
 I think it's a Red Tail Hawk - Crows were chasing it the other day.
Red Breasted Nuthatch

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day 81 - 21st March 2017 - Mourning Dove, Blue Jay and Chickadee

The snow that arrived on Sunday is disappearing quickly maybe today it will be all gone. I was quite surprised that by suppertime there were a few patches of green in the yard once again. The back deck is like a skating rink, not sure what the road is like so I would be careful on the compute to work this morning. The wind seemed to be drying the road off so it might not be too bad. Well .I'm feeling somewhat better than yesterday, although Lexi and I spent a good portion of the day reclining on the sofa - sleeping off an on, moving from chills to fever. My head feels like it's filled with cotton batten so assume it's a simple head cold and will work it's course. Might as well just suck it up and keep moving. Yarmouth this afternoon for Lexi's appointment - hoping things are better with her. Trivia tonight, I'll see if I'm up to that after supper.
 Mourning Dove, just hanging out on the fence.
When the Blue Jays arrive, there's not much room in a feeder for anyone else.

Chickadee checking out the Christmas tree.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 80 - 20th March 2017 - Evening Grosbeaks, Mourning Dove and Downy Woodpecker.

It could be an April Fool's prank if it was April 1st instead of the 1st day of Spring. Lots of snow out there this morning. Well the Irish would call it Sheila's Brush or Sheila's Broom. That's a snow storm which arrives on the heels of St. Patrick's Day. Myth says it's Patrick's wife, mother or sister sweeping the old season away. Rumored to be the last big storm of the year. Seems we had more snow than rain.  Larry has emptied the woodshed out - it's all in the basement now, fingers crossed winter soon comes to an end. Seems we went through a lot. Sunday was a day for working around the house although I didn't out do myself as I wasn't feeling right up to snuff. Cold chills, headache, this morning my stomach is rather wobbly. I might just end up back in bed or on the sofa. Really not feeling very good. Hopefully it's not a "man cold".
The Christmas tree was full of Evening Grosbeaks yesterday before the storm started.

A few were sharing a feeder with a Mourning Dove
Downy Woodpecker - no idea why they are always so interested in the metal feeder post.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 79 - 19th March 2017 - Black Guillemont, Cattails and White Breasted Nuthatch

A little chilly out there this morning. The stars are darting behind clouds and the Owls are busy hooting back and forth to one another up at the head of the lake. Think I heard a Coyote too. Storm on the way for today/tomorrow, looks like snow to start with, changing to ice pellets then a fair amount of rain. Sounds like a curl up with a book kind of afternoon. We suffered through groceries in Shelburne yesterday. To make it a bit less painful took a drive down around Dock St. first - a number of ducks in the harbour there - Mallards, Mergansers, Guillemont. Spied three Eagles flying over. Took a drive to the Industrial Park - lots of Gulls of course but some Crows were chasing a Hawk. Then it was back home - Larry brought in more wood from the wood shed (that's getting low - winter needs to end) and I puttered around doing house chores etc. Roamed the hood a bit before supper.
Black Guillemont.

 One up and one down - they were diving for food.
 Cattails are pretty well spent after the winter.
White Breasted Nuthatch

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day 78 - 18th March 2017 - Lichen, Goldfinches and Red Breasted Nuthatch

One thing I miss since we've had the time change is morning coming earlier. Truthfully "lighter" evenings don't mean a thing to me this time of year. Seriously who is going to work out in their yards, etc. these days after supper? Patience is a virtue and if I wait another month daylight will be coming a little earlier. I guess I'm just tired of getting up to dark skies even when they are filled with stars sometimes.  We had a good afternoon out on Friday, not that we do much, it's nice to run a few errands and go  for lunch. I don't mind being home during the winter months but I enjoy escaping for a few hours. It was Friday Night Club last evening and we celebrating a birthday in our bunch with cake.  The diabetics, which number half of us were certainly smiling, although once in a while won't hurt. I'm learning to give once in a while when it comes to Larry's diet. So it's Saturday which means grocery shopping somewhere - Barrington? Shelburne? one store or two? Guess we'll decide when we start down the road. Storm on the way for Sunday into Monday - snow and then rain - perhaps this is Sheila's Brush!

The Lichen on the side of the trees cups the snow.
 Red Breasted Nuthatch, checking for seeds below the feeder
Gold finches with spots of bright yellow.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Day 77 - 17th March 2017 - Tulip Leaves, Crocuses and Goldfinch

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! A few more flurries overnight - please Mother Nature make it stop and bring on Spring.  Friday, once again, the week has flown by. A chance of flurries this morning with some sun. The sun is stronger now and thank goodness melts the snow. Few things to do this morning around here, then it will be off to town for errands and lunch with Margie. A couple hours at the Hall yesterday morning then back home - a little work here, some roaming with Lexi and tea with Lois. Exercise class last night - oh she's pushing us these days, although so far this morning I can still move. Saw another Brown Creeper but once again couldn't get a decent shot of him. Seems to be a few more Goldfinches in the flock - the males are getting their brighter yellow coats on.
So maybe this makes me more hopeful - the Tulips are making their way upward.
 And the Crocuses keep pushing through.
The Goldfinches are getting brighter.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Day 76 - 16th March 2017 - Chickadee, Red Breasted Nuthatch and White Breasted Nuthatch

It's snowing out again... at 4am the stars where in the sky, less than an hour later and it looks like a blizzard! But it was short lived, road is covered though so drive carefully on the way to work this morning.  Dear Spring why are you teasing us?  The ice started to break up again in the lake yesterday, I'm sure that's the 5th time this winter it's come and gone. Birds were busy at the feeders, both of the Nuthatches were around as well as a Brown Creeper (too elusive for shots), I can hear the Pileated Woodpecker as well. Evening Grosbeaks count at 31, a few are missing, with a number of Goldfinches, Blue Jays, Mourning Doves and Chickadees. Got the first of my Whirligigs painted - will be faster to do a batch at a time, but want to run it by the pros first. Brownies made for a funeral reception this afternoon (I'm at the Hall once again this morning, helping get things ready). Our community has been hard hit this winter.


Everyone wanted to hide - Red Breasted Nuthatch.
White Breasted Nuthatch

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 74 - 15th March 2017 - Blue Jays and Mourning Dove

The storm appears to be over, not sure if we got all the rain they predicted or not. Even in the dark I can still see a bit of snow around the yard. Once the snow started just before 3pm, it took no time to cover everything. The birds were rushing to the feeders to fill up. Some chasing others away. The wind howled all evening and night, quiet this morning. Began the next stage of my project - sorting through, editing and numbering the photos to go with the database. This is going to take longer than I anticipated or wanted. Today it's got to go on the back burner as I've got some painting to get underway. At least this week I'm keeping on track. Maybe it's the fact that the weather is not great for roaming. Chili and biscuits were good "storm" food and there are leftovers for another night. Always my goal.
Blue Jay
 They weren't happy about the wind and snow.
The Mourning Doves never seem to change their attitude no matter what the weather.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 73 - 14th March 2017 - Hairy Woodpecker, Chickadee and Goldfinches

Looks like we are in for an interesting 24 hours - the weather site has the big red bars of warning up - Wind, Rainfall and Special Weather Statement. High Winds, with snow somewhere between 5 and 15 cms then rainfall of 30-40 cms. Suppose to start sometime this afternoon. Days like this I always think something simmering on the back of the stove is a good meal, maybe I'll put together a big pot of Chili and some homemade biscuits. Yesterday I stuck to my guns, didn't get distracted and finished off the database entry, today I'll move on to sorting out the photos that go with each item. Sounds like more fun! Got all the income tax paperwork together, so that's ready to go and lunch box entrees for a couple of days for Larry. All in all it was a day of accomplishments. Now if I can just keep this up for the rest of the week!
 Male Hairy Woodpecker

Enjoy your day!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 72 - 13th March 2017 - Chickadee, Goldfinch and Ring Neck Duck

Not as cold this morning, wind has died out - thank goodness. Monday morning and the work week begins once again. I need to get less distracted this week and get things done. Going to stay on track... I hope! We went to the Argyler Lodge yesterday for brunch with Cathy and Harold, Kaitlynn and Tyler. Every year we go to celebrate Cathy and Larry's birthdays in January but this year the brunches didn't start up until March. Well it was a wild drive up once we hit Clyde River - windy, blowing snow - very hard to see. But we made it and had a lovely time together. Food was marvelous as always. We took the old highway back, stopped in Barrington and grabbed a few groceries and then headed home. Wasn't nearly as bad on the way back.
 Chickadee and Goldfinch sharing the feeder.
 Cold, icy river.
The Ring Neck Duck we saw on Saturday.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 71 - 12th March 2017 - Icy waters, Red Breasted Nuthatch and Eagle

Hope everyone remember to "spring" their clocks ahead, but at -15 this morning it doesn't feel like Spring. We are off to Barrington for groceries later this morning, will take Big B. incase anything exciting appears. Then I'll get the muffins and some lunch box prep done when I come home. It remained pretty cold all day on Saturday with snow flurries later in the afternoon and evening. Kind of a dull day, finished off the library (invalid room), some laundry etc. We took a drive up the road after lunch, saw a Mink, an Eagle and a Ring Neck Duck. A lazy evening and early night with a book finished off the day for me.

Icy and fast was the way of the water, although most part of the lake had frozen patches

 Red-Breasted Nuthatch

Eagle at a distance - looks to be a a full grown one.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day 70 - 11th March 2017 - Bling, Ice and a Chickadee

It's cold this morning (-10) with just a light layer of snow covering everything. Suppose to be a few more flurries today. Guess it will be a day at home, get a few things done up around here. Tomorrow we are planning shopping in Barrington, pick up some stuff from a friend and maybe if we have time go to Clark's Harbour and check out the Bird/Ducking carving/art show being held. Friday was my day out of the cage - well at least a few hours. I enjoy getting out for lunch and catching up news etc. A few errands and then we head home. Of course last evening was Friday Night Club where all world problems are solved in a few hours.
 A little bling in the morning light.
 The fresh layer of ice on the ditches looks like stained glass.
This little Chickadee looked like he just woke up.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Day 69 - 10th March 2017 - Canada Geese

It's chilly and windy this morning. Suppose to have a little snow starting late this afternoon but no great amount. It's Friday, the end of the work week once again and Thelma and Louise day. Wonder what we'll get up to, today. The weeks fly by. Once again I got distracted yesterday. Since it was fairly nice in the morning, I decided to start getting back to my morning walk with Big B. Lexi goes with me later and it's easier to only go with one of them - they are both awkward when I take them together.  I spied the Canada Geese in one cove but way out in the running water (still some ice in the coves themselves) and then they flew off toward Lois and Danny's. So I headed back to another neighbour's property and found a nice big rock for cover on the shore. It was fun to watch them on the ice. Home again, and the neighbour's donkeys had escaped so I helped her round them up and fix the fence board. Some days are dull, some days aren't. Exercise class last night - there will be more sore muscles.
 Sliding across the lake on the landing.
 They hung around for a bit and decided they had enough and were back on the runway flying out
 In flight
I was lucky enough the came close to where I was.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day 68 - 9th March 2017 - Blue Jay, Song Sparrow and Evening Grosbeak

A little slippery out there this morning, temperature has dropped some. Watch the drive to work! Stars are all out this morning but March is the month when the weather is particularly fickle, changing from cold to warm and back. Wednesday was wet and mild, Lexi and I tried to get out between rain showers but got caught in them each time returning home pretty wet. I got lost in genealogy for a good part of the day, not solving any great problems but a few new ideas to follow up. Today I've got to stay away from that and work on some other stuff - get back to the things I need to get done. Exercise class tonight.
 Blue Jay - never seem to be able to fill these guys up
 Evening Grosbeak
Song Sparrow

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 67 - 8th March 2017 - Cranberries, Ice and Evening Grosbeak

Snow last evening, rain this morning. Looks like it will be a wet day. Guess I'll be inside, working. I got side tracked from the database entry yesterday and ended up doing genealogy. It's been a while since I've worked on that, especially my own family tree so it was fun to get back in it. My cousin recently had his DNA done so I'm hoping it will give me a few clues to a brick wall I've been trying to break down for years.  Made a casserole yesterday which was big enough for leftovers tonight, so I should have time to follow up on a few ancestral leads and do some database work. Trivia was fun last night - we didn't have one of our better nights but a good team with lots of laughs.
The Cranberry ditch had a layer of ice again.

 Ice - should be gone again today
Evening Grosbeak

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day 66 - 7th March 2017 - Chickadee, Red Breasted Nuthatch and Evening Grosbeaks

Monday turned out fairly nice, the sun is really much stronger now but the wind  had a bite to it.  Still had to have a fire going all day though, wasn't that warm out. Looks like a little snow starting later today then switching to rain tonight - or so they predict. Lexi and I did our regular roaming yesterday I continue to work on my database entry project (ugh), did a little research, got some lunches done up for Larry this week and of course spent a little time doing some household chores. All so interesting and exciting. I really need to find something with more entertainment value to do. And of course being Monday, it was exercise class last night - so far so good, I can still move some of my muscles.


Red Breasted Nuthatch
A couple of Female Evening Grosbeaks - the flock is faithful, appearing every day.

Enjoy your day!