Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day 68 - 9th March 2017 - Blue Jay, Song Sparrow and Evening Grosbeak

A little slippery out there this morning, temperature has dropped some. Watch the drive to work! Stars are all out this morning but March is the month when the weather is particularly fickle, changing from cold to warm and back. Wednesday was wet and mild, Lexi and I tried to get out between rain showers but got caught in them each time returning home pretty wet. I got lost in genealogy for a good part of the day, not solving any great problems but a few new ideas to follow up. Today I've got to stay away from that and work on some other stuff - get back to the things I need to get done. Exercise class tonight.
 Blue Jay - never seem to be able to fill these guys up
 Evening Grosbeak
Song Sparrow

Enjoy your day!

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