Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day 78 - 18th March 2017 - Lichen, Goldfinches and Red Breasted Nuthatch

One thing I miss since we've had the time change is morning coming earlier. Truthfully "lighter" evenings don't mean a thing to me this time of year. Seriously who is going to work out in their yards, etc. these days after supper? Patience is a virtue and if I wait another month daylight will be coming a little earlier. I guess I'm just tired of getting up to dark skies even when they are filled with stars sometimes.  We had a good afternoon out on Friday, not that we do much, it's nice to run a few errands and go  for lunch. I don't mind being home during the winter months but I enjoy escaping for a few hours. It was Friday Night Club last evening and we celebrating a birthday in our bunch with cake.  The diabetics, which number half of us were certainly smiling, although once in a while won't hurt. I'm learning to give once in a while when it comes to Larry's diet. So it's Saturday which means grocery shopping somewhere - Barrington? Shelburne? one store or two? Guess we'll decide when we start down the road. Storm on the way for Sunday into Monday - snow and then rain - perhaps this is Sheila's Brush!

The Lichen on the side of the trees cups the snow.
 Red Breasted Nuthatch, checking for seeds below the feeder
Gold finches with spots of bright yellow.

Enjoy your day!

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