Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 62 - 3rd March 2017 - Phlox, Cranberries and Ice

Our spring like weather is over for a few days, the cold chill of winter is returning ...but it won't last long! Yesterday was  a prime  example of "wait 10 minutes and the weather will change".  Kind of drizzly,foggy first thing in the morning by noon the sun was coming out, wind picked up but sitting on the deck in the shelter was quite warm and nice, before supper the sky darkened and a little later we had a spell of sleet or hail. This morning there are a few flurries in the air. Still on a positive note, the ice is nearly gone from the lake and 9 Canada Geese returned. I heard them about 6:30 am Thursday morning - they made their way down to Kenny & Myrna's for feed then back up to Lois & Danny's for supper. It's Friday so a Thelma and Louise day.

Time for the Phlox to come down, they've served their purpose providing seed and shelter to the birds over the winter.

 The cranberries are no longer trapped in the ice.
Probably the last we will see of the ice.

Enjoy your day!

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