Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 65 - 6th March 2017 - Song Sparrow, Junco and Crocus

The weekend has sure been a cold couple of days.Stars are all out and there is hardly any wind this morning.  Hoping the weather turns again back to spring in the next day or so. I was getting used to the warmer days. Monday and Larry's back to work, I think it's back to database entry for me, hopefully I can see the end of that this week. Did a quick trip to town Sunday for groceries - ugh I really dislike that chore, especially when there are so few things to choose from. Soon time for a  trip to Barrington. It's bad when your excitement is two grocery stores!HA!HA! Quiet winters are fine. All the regular birds appear daily at the feeders, no one new or exciting stops in, maybe the Purple Finches will soon start arriving again.
 Song Sparrow is enjoying the Christmas Tree
 And I guess the feeder is a good place to sit.
 This Crocus was open on Friday but it's been too cold for it to try again

Enjoy your day!

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