Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 67 - 8th March 2017 - Cranberries, Ice and Evening Grosbeak

Snow last evening, rain this morning. Looks like it will be a wet day. Guess I'll be inside, working. I got side tracked from the database entry yesterday and ended up doing genealogy. It's been a while since I've worked on that, especially my own family tree so it was fun to get back in it. My cousin recently had his DNA done so I'm hoping it will give me a few clues to a brick wall I've been trying to break down for years.  Made a casserole yesterday which was big enough for leftovers tonight, so I should have time to follow up on a few ancestral leads and do some database work. Trivia was fun last night - we didn't have one of our better nights but a good team with lots of laughs.
The Cranberry ditch had a layer of ice again.

 Ice - should be gone again today
Evening Grosbeak

Enjoy your day!

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