Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 72 - 13th March 2017 - Chickadee, Goldfinch and Ring Neck Duck

Not as cold this morning, wind has died out - thank goodness. Monday morning and the work week begins once again. I need to get less distracted this week and get things done. Going to stay on track... I hope! We went to the Argyler Lodge yesterday for brunch with Cathy and Harold, Kaitlynn and Tyler. Every year we go to celebrate Cathy and Larry's birthdays in January but this year the brunches didn't start up until March. Well it was a wild drive up once we hit Clyde River - windy, blowing snow - very hard to see. But we made it and had a lovely time together. Food was marvelous as always. We took the old highway back, stopped in Barrington and grabbed a few groceries and then headed home. Wasn't nearly as bad on the way back.
 Chickadee and Goldfinch sharing the feeder.
 Cold, icy river.
The Ring Neck Duck we saw on Saturday.

Enjoy your day!

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