Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 64 - 5th March 2017 - Weeds, Woodpecker and Goldfinches

Everything has a layer of snow on it again. Chances are it's not going to stay, a day or two and it will all be melted off again. Although Saturday was as cold as January, brrr. Oh well by the middle of the week, the temperatures will be rising again and spring will return. Not sure that the one Crocus that was in bloom on Friday is very happy right now but I guess they are used to a little chill. Missed a great photo yesterday because I didn't take my camera to work with me. The Eagle who hangs around the waterfront had picked up a trout from the harbour and was sitting on the reef, crows were after him but he wasn't giving up breakfast. It was close enough to the shoreline I could have gotten some good shots. Will have to run in and do the grocery shopping today, cooking a turkey - (rah leftovers) and some lunch box prep - just another exciting Sunday!

 Weeds on the roadside.

Lots of Woodpeckers around


Enjoy your day!

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