Saturday, March 25, 2017

Day 85 - 25th March 2017 - Sunrise, Junco and Evening Grosbeaks

I must be getting back to normal - my terrible sleeping habits have returned and I'm out of bed before 5am! Oh well! Snow on the ground once again this morning - when will we see the end of it. Temperatures look a little warmer for next week, let's hope that's the turning point and we finally see the back of winter. The Crocuses and Tulips continuing to move upward - but don't appear to be very happy with the snow that fight their way through every morning. A couple of days I thought the Song Sparrows and Chickadees was trying to sing their spring songs, but it's only a half hearted attempt. So it's Saturday and I guess some grocery shopping and other fun (not) stuff is on the agenda today. Try to get caught up around the house this weekend so I can tackle the things I didn't get done this last week.
 The sun was brilliant coming through the trees Friday morning.
 One of the early morning visitors - Junco.
Three of the large flock of Evening Grosbeaks who tend the feeders.

Enjoy your day!

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