Friday, March 17, 2017

Day 77 - 17th March 2017 - Tulip Leaves, Crocuses and Goldfinch

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! A few more flurries overnight - please Mother Nature make it stop and bring on Spring.  Friday, once again, the week has flown by. A chance of flurries this morning with some sun. The sun is stronger now and thank goodness melts the snow. Few things to do this morning around here, then it will be off to town for errands and lunch with Margie. A couple hours at the Hall yesterday morning then back home - a little work here, some roaming with Lexi and tea with Lois. Exercise class last night - oh she's pushing us these days, although so far this morning I can still move. Saw another Brown Creeper but once again couldn't get a decent shot of him. Seems to be a few more Goldfinches in the flock - the males are getting their brighter yellow coats on.
So maybe this makes me more hopeful - the Tulips are making their way upward.
 And the Crocuses keep pushing through.
The Goldfinches are getting brighter.

Enjoy your day!

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