Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 74 - 15th March 2017 - Blue Jays and Mourning Dove

The storm appears to be over, not sure if we got all the rain they predicted or not. Even in the dark I can still see a bit of snow around the yard. Once the snow started just before 3pm, it took no time to cover everything. The birds were rushing to the feeders to fill up. Some chasing others away. The wind howled all evening and night, quiet this morning. Began the next stage of my project - sorting through, editing and numbering the photos to go with the database. This is going to take longer than I anticipated or wanted. Today it's got to go on the back burner as I've got some painting to get underway. At least this week I'm keeping on track. Maybe it's the fact that the weather is not great for roaming. Chili and biscuits were good "storm" food and there are leftovers for another night. Always my goal.
Blue Jay
 They weren't happy about the wind and snow.
The Mourning Doves never seem to change their attitude no matter what the weather.

Enjoy your day!

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