Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 202 - 20th July 2016 - Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Red-Eyed Vireo and Common Yellowthroat

Cooler this morning, except in the upstairs of our house which never seems to see a temperature drop - old houses! Can see a patch of daylight at the base of the trees along the shoreline. Stars were in the the sky when I got up. A loon in the lake sounds mournful, a Song Sparrow is just beginning his morning serenade.  I love mornings. It's Wednesday so we have an activity planned for this afternoon - stenciling. Should be fun!
Tuesday was another hot day, if only the humidity would drop it would make things so much more comfortable. I spied some Yellow Warblers in the trees at the Museum yesterday morning, must keep my eyes open for them again. Of course there are lots of young Starlings and Song Sparrows there now as well. The gardening is coming along just as Greta and I envisioned when we first arrived. Things are shaping up nicely. I think by the end of the season we will have made a little more progress than we anticipated. Of course our thanks go out to her Manservant who has proven his worth.

Lucked in with this Yellow Rumped Warbler catching breakfast.
And a Red-Eyed Vireo was snacking too.

Hermit Thrush.

Common Yellowthroat Warbler.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I had no idea that birds ate spiders... well, well. Who knew ?? lol