Monday, July 18, 2016

Day 200 - 18th July 2016 - The Encampment

July is flying by quickly. Day off and lots to get done around here. The last few days things have been sliding. First I'm get out for a walk in the hood - it's been several day since I've enjoyed the sights and sounds of the lake side. Little foggy out there and the humidity is already high but hopefully that's going to burn off.
Yesterday morning I went to town a little earlier in hopes of getting some more shots of the encampment before work. Wasn't disappointed, it was quiet on Dock St. and the re-enactors were working on preparing breakfast. It was a good day at work, even if the humidity was high and we had a few rain drops in the afternoon. By the time I finished for the day everyone was packed up and gone for another year.
Some were just sitting around the fire waiting for breakfast. 

Others were doing prep work.

It smelled so good, but no one invited me to stay.

More utensils and some biscuits in the background.

Enjoy your day!

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