Friday, July 1, 2016

Day 183 - 1st July 2016 - Black & White Warbler, Chickadee and Northern Parula

Happy Canada Day!!! Great country that we live in, thankful to be here. I'm working today, but that's ok. Larry will have a chance to work in the woodpile, garden and do a few things he wants to get done. Works out good - when I do have a weekend off we can do something together (birding) as he'll be caught up on things he does. Right now we are way ahead of schedule in the wood for next winter. I'm expecting a rather quiet day at work, but maybe I'll be surprised. Foggy morning, but doesn't keep the birds from singing. Lots of celebrations going on - Lockeport and Clark's Harbour today!
Had a great day off Thursday. Got out for my walk, of course caught in a few rain showers but then it cleared. Puttered around the house a bit doing some of those lovely chores that don't get done on their own. Threw some chicken thighs in the slower cooker with some diced tomatoes and sauce and let it cook away. One nice thing about that rig - no heating up the kitchen. Cooked up some pasta to go with it and it was pretty tasty. Lois and I went swimming in the afternoon - boy did that feel good.
A special Canadian Flag on Lake Deception for Courtney.

Black and White Warbler.


Northern Parula

Have a great day!


  1. Happy Canada Day Kim... love the Canadian flag for Courtney.. I sent it to Alyssa.. not sure if she reads your blog or not but told her she should. Love, love, love those little chickadees. I don't seem to have many anymore.. mostly finches.

  2. I love the flag, just for me hehe :). I can' wait to be home!!