Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 196 - 14th July 2016 - Robin, Harbour and Song Sparrow

So after bragging about sleeping in the last few days, this morning I'm up before day break - I think it was the heat. Founders Day festivities are rolling around - will be busy right through to Sunday now at the Museum Complex. It's the weekend that reunions are held, families from away come home, etc.  This morning I'm back with my regular ride - Nancy, meaning I get to stalk the hood. Hoping a few different birds will appear.
A real warm Wednesday. Busy, busy day at work, lots of visitors through and we dipped candles in the afternoon - it was a little hot with several layers of clothes on but that's what we do! Greta's husband provided some 18th Century musical entertainment and appeared to draw some groupies. Watched the Eagle fly over at lunch time - such a majestic bird and no Crows or Gulls chasing and aggravating him this time.  I used some of my extra morning time in town to roam along Dock St and a few of the connected Lanes. Lovely quiet morning - always a good way to start a day but I enjoy my time in the hood more.  Thank goodness for the slow cooker - roast cooked for supper with no hot kitchen. I spent a lazy evening reading a manuscript I'm helping a friend with.
I found this in a friend's yard but I'm not sure what it is and she wasn't home.

He got the big prize in the street - looks like a June bug.

A lovely calm morning on the harbour.

And one of our resident Song Sparrows in the gardens of the Ross Thomson House.

Enjoy your day!

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