Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day 198 - 16th July 2016 - Tents, Long Boat and Ducks

Once the fog lifted it was very very hot yesterday, more of the same today I think. My morning walk, Friday was a damp one, light was so low it was hard to get decent shots. It was a good day at work, loved seeing the waterfront com alive with activity as vendors set up and re-enactors made up their campsites.  By afternoon people were milling around. The fireworks were last night, but seriously for me to go back to town at 10pm was not happening. Too late for this chick. I could be all for fireworks at 5 am, but would probably be the only one there. Lots going on today, will take the smaller version of Big B. - easier to get shots without standing a mile away. Should be a fun day - we are dressing in our fancy dresses.  There will be some musical entertainment in the garden of the Ross Thomson House, might catch us carding some wool, playing with loyalist toys or writing letters. We are never idle.
The Encampment was going up.

I just caught the Long Boat as it was rowing by.

Even though it was foggy and drizzling on my morning walk - was excited to finally spy one of the Sandpipers!

The duck were all hanging out together and on their way to Myrna's for breakfast.

Enjoy your day!


  1. We still don't have a picture of you dressed up in your work clothes.

  2. I might venture down today and get a picture! I hope it's busy day for you.