Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 199 - 17th July 2016 - Encampment, Soldiers and Cooking

The air feels clearer this morning - the humidity has definitely dropped and hopefully will stay that way.  I'm up a tad bit early, but that's ok. Might try for a quick jaunt around the hood after breakfast and before heading into work. Looking forward to another busy day and getting a few more shots of the encampment before it's gone for another year. 
What a hot day - and we wore our finest clothes which have a few added layers to them. By the time I got home I was disrobing going through the door. It was a great day with lots of people around. Tourists and families from afar were visiting and you could feel the festive air about - smiling, happy people as they say.

I was met by soldiers on my way to the museum.

Then they abruptly turned and went back - I was in no trouble of landing in the stocks!

 The encampment was all set up and daily routines were well on their way.

Tending to weapons after a scrimmage.
 The tents set empty - too much to do in the afternoon sun.
 And the ladies were in the back garden cooking.

Enjoy your day!

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