Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day 201 - 19th July 2016 - Yellow Rump Warblers, Swamp Sparrow and Palm Warbler

Off to work this morning. A few rain drops fell earlier  and they are giving a chance of showers early this morning - maybe that was it.  We need the rain, but I'm partial to having it fall while I sleep.
First thing Larry ended up doing yesterday morning was rescuing a young Hermit Thrush who had gotten trapped in the greenhouse. Naturally I missed this excitement. Had a good morning walk, even though it was foggy and overcast. Of course there were lots of youngsters flying around but didn't get great shots. They just hardly stop for more than a second.  I'm only seeing the regular birds, still so many I am missing.  Fog lifted but it was humid all day, the weather forecast says that will break in the next few days - thankful. Lois and I managed to squeeze out some time for a swim before supper - the water was refreshing and felt good. Sitting on the deck just as dusk was falling, 4 Cedar Waxwings flew into one of the old Apple trees, Hermit Thrushes were singing in the nearby woods - what a lovely night.
Young Yellow Rump Warblers.

Swamp Sparrow

I think this little one is a Palm Warbler. But as I've said at this stage it's hard to tell who anyone is.
Downy Woodpecker
Probably a Common Yellowthroat Warbler youngster.

Enjoy your day

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