Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 197- 15th July 2016 - Palm Warbler, Yellow Warbler and Black & White Warbler

A little rain out there this morning - not enough to do much but will mean we won't need to water the garden. Humidity feels high.  Hope it stops before I head out for my walk, if not Big B. will be wearing her rain jacket. Should see lots of old friends this weekend - look forward to touching base with them.
The temperatures just keep rising, seems everyday is hotter, although right on Dock St. there was a gale blowing in off the water. Had a nice morning walk, lots of birds flitting around but nothing that looked unusual - just the same old suspects but it's good to see them. Not as busy with visitors although some were around and I helped with a few researchers. By afternoon vendors were beginning to set up for Founders Days - the waterfront was definitely seeing activity.
 Young Palm Warbler.
I think this is a young Yellow Warbler

Black & White Warbler
Chickadee. So many of the birds were in higher limbs yesterday morning.

Enjoy your day!

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