Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 188 - 6th July 2016 - Red-Eyed Vireos and Hermit Thrush

 Well it was rather an adventurous day at times. Started off on my morning walk to catch my ride and ran into a baby Red-Eyed Vireo on the private road. Oh yes Mama was not interested in moving him only feeding him. Not sure if he was old enough to be out of the nest but I hope so. I figured he should be moved out of the road and off to the side - easier said than done. So eventually I got him off to a grassy patch and with that Mama decided to chase me down the road. Some birds are truly ungrateful! Good day at work. After supper I decided to go back and see if he was still around - no sign and all was quiet. Stopped and had tea with Lois and then went up the road with her to chase a bear off of someone's deck. Long story on that one - I'll just leave you with the highlights.. Oh yes, the older we get the crazier we are or maybe that's just what girls in the woods do! The bear was gone so we were somewhat deflated on that adventure. There is a young bear (last year's cub) who has been roaming the hood making a bit of a nuisance of himself. Once the berries ripen up he'll disappear....I hope.
Red-Eyed Vireos - hungry youngster.

Mom and Dad are watching me and him!

I sure hope he survives.

One of the parents not looking impressed.

And before my morning went crazy I was enjoying the sounds of the Hermit Thrush.

Enjoy your day!

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