Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 195 - 13th July 2016 - Black & White Warbler, Loyalist Rose and Ducks

Seems my internal clock knows when it's a work day - up earlier this morning. I hate to say this but I think daylight comes a few minutes later now than it did. The birds are singing their morning songs and looks like another nice day in the making. Going to toss a roast in the slower cooker before heading in with Larry this morning, will give us meals for a couple of days. Will roam around Dock Street and some of the side lanes, maybe I'll find a Cardinal or two - who knows!
Summer has returned, temperature went way up yesterday! Good day home, finished off a few things, did some cooking, roamed the hood, chatted with neighbours and had company in the afternoon. Seeing more young birds around - getting harder to identify some of them. No one looks like their parents at this stage. There are still a number of Warblers I've not seen this year in the hood yet, species number are definitely down.
Black and White Warbler - one of my favs.

My Loyalist Rose is in bloom.
 Song Sparrow..... I think although it might be a Swamp Sparrow. I'm pretty up and down on birds these days, nothing looks like it should since the young ones started fluttering around.
The babies are nearly as big as their Mom now.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. You're way better than me.. I call every brown and white little bird a sparrow.. just plain sparrow... lol
    Love the Loyalist Rose.. do they propagate easily ??