Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 272 - 29th September 2015 - Sunrise, Cobwebs and Boats

Temperature says +16 this morning - definitely warmer than the last few days.  Lots of rain on the way later this week, but looks like Wednesday morning maybe clear (fingers crossed - want to go birding). This will bring up the water table and fill the swamps if we get what the forecast wants. I won't mention what that means, I think it's a tad bit early yet to mention the big W word!
This Monday went off much better than last. Busy morning at work, lots of people through, quieter in the afternoon, just a few and I got some work done. Sun was out and warm but really windy. All I saw on my walk were the ducks and one Black & White Warbler. The trees were very quiet. Not even a Chickadee in sight. Exercise class last night - sure there will be abs that hurt tomorrow. Lets just remember no pain no gain - or that's what they say.
Well I missed the Blood Moon the other night but the Sun looked pretty good yesterday morning coming through the fog.

There were lots of cobwebs around. Hard to believe something so intricate can be spun overnight.
Beautiful morning on the Harbour with a few boats.

Enjoy your day!

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