Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 247 - 4th September 2015 - Common Yellowthroats, Magnolia Warbler, Ovenbird and Grandmother's Journal

Nice morning out there - stars and moon are in the sky, air is cool. A sunny day on it's way. Forecast for fine weather on the long weekend. Will be nice to have an extra day. Hoping to get some birding in - maybe a few short road trips to see what's out there.
Another beautiful day, started off a little foggy - hard to see the birds and the humidity is up. Wish I could shake this and feel 100% again, but I guess it takes time and I have little to no patience.
Grandmother's Journal: 
3 September 1976: Rained hard all night. To town early. Many rabbits, a lot of partridges on our way home. Say a Woodcock at Wrights's Road this morning. Beautiful evening. Apples falling now. So good to have a long weekend.
4 September 1976: Did usual Saturday chores. Bettie, Bobbie & boys this afternoon. Mike stayed and went up river, didn't come down until after dark, worried me. Bob & Claire Hood up for evening, nice visit. Gertrude over, had four games [crib], I won 3-1. Nice day, sunny, cool wind very cold overnight. But I don't thin a frost day, overcast with big fluffy clouds, moon behind them. Pretty shy. 
Everyone wants to be in the circus - Common Yellowthroat.


Common Yellowthroat.
Young Song Sparrow - I think.
Magnolia Warbler.
Northern Parula.

Enjoy your day!

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