Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 262 - 19th September 2015 - Sunrise, Cobwebs and Reflections.

Car is packed - veggies, tools and luggage, now to get the rest of the crew mobile so we can get on the road. My idea of a road trip is leaving at the crack of dawn, love to get on the road early. Maybe we'll see something exciting on the way. I'm booked for Whaling watching this afternoon, hoping to see a Puffin or two and a few other birds. Looking forward to a weekend escape and a visit with good friends.
My morning walk, Friday didn't yield much - it was pretty quiet. It was a good morning at the office, but the afternoon wasn't - you know one of those nasty afternoons! Thank goodness it was short lived, although I did feel a couple of pangs of pain in my head. Funny how a little stress or upset can do that. One of the side effects of Shingles. Anyway the day got finished and we headed home.
I love sunrises over the lake this time of year. The colors are golden, soft and hazy.

Cobwebs in the morning light.
On a clear morning the reflections are wonderful.
You could almost flip the photo upside down.
Lots of pine cones - a sign of a hard winter?

Enjoy your day!

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