Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 256 - 13th September 2015 - Yellow Legs, Gulls and a Gate

I'm late, I'm late! Good excuse I had a late evening and forced myself to stay in bed til 6:3 am - wohoo! No great plans for today, although we will make a trip later to Middle Clyde to pick up our winter supply of blueberries from Lore's Farm. This morning maybe a jaunt through the hood and have to do muffins for the lunch box.
Had a good day Saturday although I wasn't feeling 100%, my head was playing up (does't sound good I know). We decided to do some errands in Barrington, but took the long route, through Port Clyde, Reynoldscroft, side trip to Baccaro. Pretty quiet in most places. A few shorebirds, Gulls, Cormorants but nothing of an exciting nature. I'm grateful for what I see.  We took a quick trip out to Cape Island - the Guzzle and Daniel's Head, lunch at West Head Take Out and then Barrington for shopping. I took the opportunity when we got home to have a little rest since I knew I'd have a late night at the Shelburne Film Festival - it was great, if you missed it catch the Matinee today.
 Yellow Legs I think.
 Gulls at Baccaro, watching the surf.
 Gate at the Sheep farm at the Guzzle.
Gulls, Gulls and lots of Gulls!

Enjoy your day!

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