Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 257 - 14th September 2015 - Cone Flower, Rose, Black & White Warbler and Junco

A rainy Monday morning to start off the work week. Suppose to clear later today. Hoping to have a productive week, get lots done at the office. I need to start cleaning things up as by mid-October I'm usually laid off for the season. I don't want stuff hanging on over the winter months.
The rain on Sunday kept me mostly inside, which was ok since I had cooking and photo editing to do. After lunch we took a drive to Middle Clyde to pick up blueberries - oh they look so good - will be lovely in muffins and other stuff this winter.  Also got a first hand view of Jackson's innovative hydroponic strawberry set up. Imagine having fresh strawberries up til the end of the October grown in Nova Scotia! If you are in the market for great blueberries and strawberries this is the place to go. Stopped at Brier Hill to visit for a few minutes on our way home. I'm not good at visiting when I see a few birds fly by the window. Good thing, Larry is chatty and Irene knows me well!

Cone Flower.

Well the jury is still out on this little guy - Dark -eyed Junco, but could be a light Slate or Oregon subspecies. It's also been suggested a hybrid - Dark Eyed Junco x White Throated Sparrow.
I should have paid more attention to him!
Dark-Eyed Junco (Slate).
Rose dipped in rain drops.

Black & White Warbler.

Enjoy your day!

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