Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 265 - 22nd September 2015 - Common Yellow-Throat, Chickadee and Grasses

Hoping for a smoother day. Stars are all out, chill in the air - fall has arrived. Temperature is +10. Actually I think tomorrow is the fall equinox. Maybe today I'll actually get something done. Monday was one of those hamster on the wheel days - go around and around and get nothing done.
Saw a few birds on my walk yesterday. Decided to skip exercise last night so that I could catch up on the laundry, etc. that I didn't get done on the weekend. Plans foiled - pressure switch gone on the pump. No water last night. Did I mention the phone isn't working either. Bestie had loaned me her old laptop so I'm in business til I get a new one later this week - good news the tech was able to retrieve my data and photos from the old one. So hopefully soon you'll get to see Sunday and Monday's posts with pics from our weekend away. And there is a very good reason I dislike Mondays!
Common Yellow Throat Warbler - they are still active in the hood.
Beautiful morning on the lake, just a hint of color in the sky.
Chickadees were flitting around.
The grasses still look good along the shoreline and swamps.

Enjoy your day!

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