Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 258 - 15th September 2015 - Chickadees, Blue-Headed Vireo and Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Stars are all out this morning, I'm up too early once again. I wish I could stop opening my eyes at 4:39 am - weird time but seems to be stuck in my mind nearly every day! Onward I go. I've got two research projects I'd like to finish up and get rid of this week, have been hanging on way too long. Seems I get interrupted too much but that's the nature of the job.
Another Monday gone - thank goodness. Not sure why they have to be so ugh! Quiet walk in the morning, til I got almost to the end and the birds started to get active. Maybe it was the grey dismal day that kept them quiet for so long. Fall is definitely arriving - slowly but surely. I can see a hint of colors in some of the Maple trees.  This season I will embrace as it's my favourite time of year. Cool nights, warm days - a crispness in the air. I worked on my photo edits last evening, Larry did some harvesting from the garden - zucchini, beans, corn and tomatoes. More tomato sauce made up for the winter.
Found a flock of Chickadees yesterday morning on my walk.
He's sure holding on tight.
Blue-Headed Vireo - haven't seen this guy for a week or so.

Probably a Yellow-Rumped Warbler but wouldn't come out from behind the branches and leaves.
Looking down at the Wharf Saturday night from the Yacht Club.

Enjoy your day!

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