Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 268 - 25th September 2015 - Hermit Thrushes, Black & White Warbler and Sunrise

Friday, thank goodness! Temperature is +8, a little cooler each morning but the stars are all out, with promises for another fine day. Happy to see the end of the week. Oil Barrel picked up yesterday, new pump and hopefully (fingers double crossed) laptop today. Telephone repair man arrived yesterday (after me saying no one would be home) and left a note saying the issue is in the house, reschedule an appointment. I fixed the problem last night - it was the phone  - an Aliant phone (previous repair visit said the phone was alright). Since we are only using 1 jack and 1 phone, I disconnect it, plugged in and charged up one of the cordless ones we haven't been using and bam! I've got service. At some point we'll buy a new phone (cordless don't work when the power goes out), but not this week.  Exercise class last night - a good work out as usual. Apparently my Abs have not been used lately. Larry & Kenny got the old Oil Barrel down and drained.
 There were several nice chubby Hermit Thrushes around that were willing to pose and come quite close.

Black & White Warbler.

A little mist rising from the lake as the sun shines on.

Palm Warbler.
The gangs all here! This is actually only a small section of them. It was probably a flock of 50.

Enjoy your day!

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