Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 269 - 26th September 2015 - Black & White Warbler and Sunrise

Saturday morning, stars are all out, temperature is +6. The Owls are more vocal in the evening and mornings now. Nice to hear them again. No idea what plans are for today - groceries, housework, maybe some birding. Will see what the day brings.
Well yesterday morning the pump wheezed it's last breath (after I bathed), our timing was good for that purchase. So we purchased a pump on the way home and picked up my new laptop - with all my photos, documents etc. transferred over to it. Happy, happy! Lately our friend Kenny spends more time at our house helping Larry fix things than he does at home. It was good of him to come over last night after supper and they got the pump installed. Next is the Oil Barrel sometime over the next few days/first of the week. Then hopefully everything will be quiet for a while.
Black & White Warbler.

 Mornings just keep getting prettier over the lake.
He was quite willing to pose.
I'm not sure who this little guy is, quality of photos are bad. I thought maybe a Kinglet, but not sure.

Enjoy your day!

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