Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 267 - 24th September 2015 - Lake, Goldfinch, Chipmunk and Phlox

Seems the temperature is dropping a little more each morning, +7 today. By mid morning the sun will be out and warming things up. One thing I notice is how quiet it has become in the mornings and evenings. I only hear the owl early in the morning, no other birds are singing. Haven't seen a Hummingbird for quite a while, not even a migrant on their way south, so I guess this weekend the feeder will come in. Time to buy some black oil sunflower seeds and start filling the other feeders.
A good day at home, just what I need to get some things into perspective. Although I would rather have been outside, I spent most of the day doing housework and catching up on odd jobs inside, hoping the telephone repairman would turn up. But of course that did not happen. Cooked a roast for supper, along with swiss chard and carrots from the garden.
I love mornings on the lake these days.
The Goldfinches re molting, not quite as pretty as they were a month ago.
Fungus are popping up in the forest, but this is the first colorful one I've seen this season.
My Phlox hedge is stilling holding it's own.
From the Vessey bulbs I planted this spring. Love the color.
I stumbled upon this little guy under an Apple tree.

Enjoy your day!

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